How Can You Use Augmented Reality Business Cards?

Business cards are common things which are used to by companies or businessmen. Business cards are used to provide the company’s name, logo, office address, email id and other basic information. There are different designs and attractive patterns on business cards. These are ways to attract eyes towards the business. But these traditional business cards are now backdated.

The world is riding fast on technologies. The competition in the market is also higher and intense than before. It is very necessary to create some special mark to stand out in the crowd of businesses. Though there are several ways to do that, your business card is also on the list. Like 360 video production business cards can be used to render more information than it did earlier with the help of augmented reality. Through the help of augmented reality technology business cards start to contain more information in then regarding the products and the company. Augmented reality business cards are the new trend. These cards are able to relate much more than traditional business cards.

Augmented reality cards are physical cards which are embedded with digital content in it. The augmented reality cards are same. They are embedded with digital content that tells more about the company and its product. Through augment reality business cards it is easier to speak about the products as they can be seen. You can find such cards who offer digital products, like VR glasses in Australia.

Augmented reality business cards are embedded with scanning codes which may be a QR one. This is the secret to all the differences it has from conventional business cards. It can be scanned with any android and iOS device. It will instantly show the 3D model of your product. This model can be changed when you want. It can be changed on augmented manager with a new visual if you want your client or customer to see another product. Thus augmented reality business cards are not only for saving contacts but also can be used for showing new items everyday and get them interested in your business.

The card can be also linked with online catalogue of the products you have. Only through a tiny business card you can show the whole list of product to your client. Like product models it can also be updated with new things. So, your clients and customers will always remain updated about your business. Augmented reality cards are much different than traditional cards. They help to connect with people easily and shoe them the thing you do. So, growing your business in this modern time can be done through augmented reality business cards.

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Importance Of Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is considered as most interesting technological development in the present time. It has potential to change entertainment and art and in similar manner it even has the potential to change the way kids play. Virtual reality developments are exciting and they are also game changing. It is something which can alter way we work and way we give training.

There are companies which understand the importance of virtual reality and have been providing their services into virtual reality products. They offer you with products, such as headset and Google cardboard. They are mainly useful in field of training. It is used for training employees in dangerous environment. A pilot uses simulation in case if he makes a mistake. Doctors also take advantage of virtual reality in order to avoid accidents in medical field. Conferencing is again a benefit offered by virtual reality. It has great potential of bringing digital workers in digital meeting and also in conferences. They include real time covered and is quite like Facebook live with virtual reality. Live world only include seeing the person on screen, but virtual reality is to feel the same person in same room. This has helped with conference meetings.


Convenience is again a benefit offered by virtual reality. It can save time and money of a business and it can also make work convenient. With help of virtual tours, workers don’t have to work and travel for making decisions and for completing projects. Architect from world can use the concept for design. Virtual reality has opened door for virtual market in which customers can try garments.

Other benefits

Virtual reality also helps and redefines watching movies and playing games. It offers you with ways in which you can enjoy movies and television. It has three dimensional displays and it makes actors feel like real and as if they are standing in front of you. Apart from that, games come with sound and videos which allow users to have experience such that they are listening in stadium. You feel like you are in middle of wrestling match. It is a big lead in the gaming industry.

Products offered to you by companies are also useful in medical field. It allows people to face their fears and ensures that they overcome their phobias and also live healthy. It also helps in addressing depression and anxiety and for that they create simulations in environment. It is also helpful in making action easy and saves a lot of money and time as well.

Virtual reality is booming in various industries and thus companies are offering their customers with different virtual reality products. You can make use of them for personal and professional life.

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Interesting Journalistic Niches

Are you a good writer? Many people who write well somehow find their way into journalism eventually, even for a short period of time. This is because journalistic writing is short, concise and easy to write once you get into the rhythm. Many writers find it a welcome refuge from creative writing and writing block, particularly because journalism is based on an event or object and does not involve flights of fancy or fantasy.
Certain areas of journalism are popular and well-known: fashion, war, conflict, politics and human interest. These are the principal areas that a newspaper publishes. However, there are plenty of niche areas in journalism that are just as, if not more, interesting that get little to no exposure. Here are some for you to try out if you are interested:

Specialised Sports

Mainstream sports journalism covers the big ticket things like baseball, cricket, football etc. but there are literally hundreds of other sports and adrenaline fuelled activities out there that warrant journalistic interest. For instance, people may have heard of motor cross and drag racing hot rods but few know that it requires specific knowledge of the sport to be able to write about it properly. You have to know the history of the sport, the riders/drivers, the vehicles and the terrain. Since few writers are doing this exclusively, it can be an opportunity for you to get in there and make a splash. Now that the internet is available, you don’t have to wait for a magazine to call either; go online and start a rod magazine subscription

Devotional Writing
While this does not require journalistic acumen (unlike if you were writing for a hot rod magazine subscription) all the time, it does require the ability to connect to a wide variety of readers through a common idea: faith. There are plenty of religious publications both online and offline that require proficient and professional writers to create content. If you enjoy writing about it, and you like talking to people of faith and exploring the different ways in which faith is practiced, then this might be a good field for you.

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Some Fun Ideas To Put An End To Your Child\\\\’s Boredom

If you are a parent to one or more younger kids, you might have been exposed to your kids putting up a temper tantrum simply because they were bored and did not want to go through with their usual play routines. Kids are not the type to stick to boring, repetitive schedules like adults would want to, and this is why it is not always easy to please kids. In fact, kids are always more happier when they are exposed to newer and more exciting things. For parents, it is not always easy to come up with new ideas to make your child’s day as things, or activities for young children are limited. However, as parents if you want to make your children happy sometimes you have to through with frustrating processes such as finding new play routines and day to day activities. So next time your child throws a fit, here are a few things you can try out.

Go karting – There are arenas or activity centers that allow kids go karting to happen, which is not always an option. So as parents, try searching for a local activity center that allows go karting for children! Go karting is an exciting and fun activity for kids and most probably something your kids would never have experienced before. This makes the whole thing a more fun and happy experience. If you take your kid go karting, you are bound to make their whole day and the grumpy mood will disappear instantly.

Paintball – Just like there are activity centers that allow go karting for young children, there are also centers that allow best paintball in Sydney games among small kids. This is more suitable for parents who are parenting more than one small child. By simply taking your kids to a paintball game, you are able to let them have an amazing time for a few hours at least, which also leaves you more time on your hands as well. Paintballing is also a very exciting and adventurous game that your child will absolutely adore, and once you expose them to this experience you would have no problem with dealing with future temper tantrums.

A carnival – One of the most easiest things you can do when your child is refusing to settle, is take them to a carnival that is happening nearby. You are bound to find a small carnival or fair that will entertain your child for hours. Fairs have a lot of different rides and games that your child will love, and this is a perfect way to spend some quality family time as well.

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Find A Fun Hobby

A hobby is very important thing to have. A hobby has lot of benefits that can improve a person’s life. A hobby is something that someone will truly be interested in because this is something that people choose to do on their free time. A hobby will provide a great outlet for stress, it can help you meet new and different people, it is also know to build a person’s confidence and self-esteem and it will also help people not get bored during their spare time.

You will not get bored when you have a fun hobby

Everybody loves to be free but too much free time can make you feel bored. This is why you should get a hobby so that you can fill up your spare time and not get bored. You can buy a phantom 2 vision. This is an aerial drone which has a camera attached to it. It is essentially an aircraft products which has a lot of cool features.

People can buy these things and collect them or they can buy them to fly it around. People buy this and other types of drone with camera because it is a lot of fun to fly around. People even buy these types of drones so that they can race them, inspect high places that they cannot get to and even for fishing.

You can meet new people

If your hobby involves you leaving your house and going outdoors then you will have the chance of meeting new people. If you have to do your hobby with a group of people then you will find it very easy to meet new people. It is very likely that you will hit it off with the people you meet because you will have the same interests as them. Doing hobbies in a group can be more fun than doing it alone because doing it alone can get boring very fast and you may lose interest in your hobby. Other people can motivate you and force you not to give up on your hobby.

You can release a lot of stress with a fun hobby

Work and life in general can be very stressful. During your free time make sure that you do something that you enjoy. This way you can find an outlet where you can release all of your stress. This outlet can be a fun hobby. A fun hobby will help you have a good time and this will release the tension that is built up during work. A hobby is a good way to get away from it all.

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