Interesting Journalistic Niches

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Are you a good writer? Many people who write well somehow find their way into journalism eventually, even for a short period of time. This is because journalistic writing is short, concise and easy to write once you get into the rhythm. Many writers find it a welcome refuge from creative writing and writing block, particularly because journalism is based on an event or object and does not involve flights of fancy or fantasy.
Certain areas of journalism are popular and well-known: fashion, war, conflict, politics and human interest. These are the principal areas that a newspaper publishes. However, there are plenty of niche areas in journalism that are just as, if not more, interesting that get little to no exposure. Here are some for you to try out if you are interested:

Specialised Sports

Mainstream sports journalism covers the big ticket things like baseball, cricket, football etc. but there are literally hundreds of other sports and adrenaline fuelled activities out there that warrant journalistic interest. For instance, people may have heard of motor cross and drag racing hot rods but few know that it requires specific knowledge of the sport to be able to write about it properly. You have to know the history of the sport, the riders/drivers, the vehicles and the terrain. Since few writers are doing this exclusively, it can be an opportunity for you to get in there and make a splash. Now that the internet is available, you dont have to wait for a magazine to call either; go online and start a blog.

Devotional Writing
While this does not require journalistic acumen (unlike if you were writing for a hot rod magazine subscription) all the time, it does require the ability to connect to a wide variety of readers through a common idea: faith. There are plenty of religious publications both online and offline that require proficient and professional writers to create content. If you enjoy writing about it, and you like talking to people of faith and exploring the different ways in which faith is practiced, then this might be a good field for you.